Pousada Luar da Praia - Imbassai, Bahia, 48280-000, Brazil
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Bahian, Italian and vegetarian food

Our restaurant is open every day, with a Brazilian menu with typical Bahian dishes.

We also offer Italian and vegetarian cuisine.

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Try breakfast in our restaurant

Our hostel offers all guests a rich breakfast of exotic fruits, fruit juice and all the delights of Bahia.

A natural breakfast that nourishes giving energy to start the day soon at the beach or pool.

8:00 am to 10:00 am.

Pousada Luar da Praia
Rua Beira Rio, S/N
Imbassai, Bahia, 48280-000, Brazil
Call: +55 (71) 3677-1030


Pousada Luar da Praia

Do you like the beach, the sun, the Sea Breeze, romantic moments and likes to live on the seafront, a priveligeada location? Then try one of our 23 suites! Our poolside restaurant offers a Bahian and international cuisine in a family espco serving for parties, events and family gatherings and good friends. Welcome!